Today is Sunday 21st September 2014
Today's High Tide - 11:37 (4.5M)
RCYC Burgee

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A RCOD sails past the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham

Welcome to the website of the RCYC Burnham, home of the Endeavour Trophy. Founded in 1872 on the Thames at Erith, the Club moved to Burnham in 1892, and opened its award winning Clubhouse in 1931. We offer the best one design racing on the east coast for Dragons, Squibs and 707s ; the newly refurbished fleet of Royal Corinthian ODs welcomes the classic sailor and our cruising fleet encourages the experienced and supports the novice. The Otters, founded in 1930, offer both enjoyment and expertise on the water. Come and join us.


This Week at the Club

Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st September 2014

Heritage Open DayLast weekend RCYC took part in the Heritage Open Day and the Club welcomed visitors both days to discover some of the Club's history, look at photos and documents as well as enjoy a tour round the clubhouse including the race box. It is quite likely they went away better informed about our Club history than most of our members! If any members are interested in taking part in a similar tour one weekend, please phone Kate 01621 782105 and let her know so that arrangements can be made.


Bart's Bash

Sunday 21st September 2014

Invite your friends...RCYC invites everyone to take part in 'Bart's Bash', to promote awareness of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation as well as helping to raise £10,000 for the Foundation (ASSF). RCYC is taking part in two venues, Southampton and Burnham.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

Friday 26th September 2014

World's Biggest Coffee MorningRCYC is supporting the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 26th October and invites you to enjoy a view over the river with your coffee or even a seat on the balcony if the sun shines. The Macmillan Cancer Charity plays an important part in the lives of cancer sufferers - providing the support they need to feel more in control of their lives, from the moment they're diagnosed, through treatment and afterwards. Please help us to raise funds for this most important charity by coming along and bringing your friends - everyone is welcome.

Latest News & Sailing Reports

Popular Pontoon Party

Tuesday 16th September 2014

Sheena snapped the shutter...Every year the Southampton Boat Show tries to rival our Pontoon Party and again it failed. The RCYC boats on show were more crowded than anything at Southampton. The RCYC clearly offers more to the Boating Public. It must be that there are far more interesting and pretty boats around in Burnham...

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Roger Taylor Completes Voyage in Mingming ll

Tuesday 9th September 2014

We were all relieved to know when Brenda heard from Roger, reporting that his maiden voyage in Mingming ll was nearly complete and he arrived in his Scottish home port of Whitehills on Thursday 28th August after 55 days at sea and covering 3332 nautical miles. Mingming ll, who is now tucked up in Rice and Coles' yard, had fulfilled all his expectations. This is his report.

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This weekend


20th September 2014

Tide 1 - 10:45 (4.2M)
Tide 2 - 23:18 (4.3M)
Start Line - RCYC

  • 707
  • Ghost Trophy
  • RCOD
  • Early Autumn Series 3


21st September 2014

Tide 1 - 11:37 (4.5M)
Start Line - RCYC

  • 707
  • Ghost Trophy
  • RCOD
  • Idler Bowl Race 6