Today is Tuesday 29th July 2014
Today's High Tides - 02:48 (4.7M) 14:53 (4.8M)
RCYC Burgee

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A RCOD sails past the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham

Welcome to the website of the RCYC Burnham, home of the Endeavour Trophy. Founded in 1872 on the Thames at Erith, the Club moved to Burnham in 1892, and opened its award winning Clubhouse in 1931. We offer the best one design racing on the east coast for Dragons, Squibs and 707s ; the newly refurbished fleet of Royal Corinthian ODs welcomes the classic sailor and our cruising fleet encourages the experienced and supports the novice. The Otters, founded in 1930, offer both enjoyment and expertise on the water. Come and join us.


Otter Week 2014

Saturday 26th - Thursday 31st July 2014

Chris Dawson's photo 2012Otter Week presents the usual range of activities, including the traditional treasure hunt, water games, raft building and you get a doughnut when you tally-off... can't be bad!


This Week at the Club

Wednesday 30th July to Friday 3rd August 2014

We're watching...Otter Week is still in full swing until Thursday and this week's picture is a still from Igor Sarychkin's camera mounted on a drone, zooming back and forth as th Otters launch their boats. Fascinating stuff! The full story with technical details supplied by Caroline is included in the News Section.


Burnham Week

Saturday 23rd - Saturday 30th August 2014

Burnham Week 2014It's an early Burnham Week this year - the entire Week is within August - so you need to be thinking about getting organised. The online entry is now available so there's nothing to stop you from getting your entry in early. For more details see burnhamweek.org.uk

Latest News & Sailing Reports

Otter Drone Video

Monday 28th July 2014

Otter Drone VideoIf you have been intrigued by the aerial videos of Otter Week you might like to know a little bit more about them. They were made using a DJI Phantom Vision quad copter with a camera. Igor had to modify it by adding a gimbal to make the footage more stable and independent of the drone's sharp movements.

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The Great Gatsby Ball

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Taste like lettuce...Members say it all! The Gatsby Ball certainly didn't disappoint! It was a treat to see friends looking so different, everyone I saw had made a huge effort with their dress and accessories, the room was decorated wonderfully and at points (thank- you alcohol!) I genuinely felt like we'd been transported back to the 1920s. The menu was imaginative, I had never eaten pansy before (my opinion? it tastes like lettuce...) and those that braved the dance floor even learnt a few 1920s moves. To quote a 1920s saying that I'm sure you've all heard, the evening was 'the bee's knees'! Nichola Eagling

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RCYC Summer Regatta

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Sheena's photoThe weather, which had threatened rain in the forecast all week, kept summer going until the last event on the Sunday afternoon when it poured on the Packard Ladies but until then we had sunshine and varied winds.

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Packard Ladies' Race

Monday 21st July 2014

Tracey Waples was under a hot shower...Sunny spells and summery winds for the Club Regatta but all change for the Packard Ladies' Race on the Sunday afternoon and the ladies set out under lowering skies and the threat of thunder. They were not daunted, however, and set off to rig in weather that would, doubtless, worsen...

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This weekend


2nd August 2014

Tide 1 - 04:55 (4.9M)
Tide 2 - 17:06 (4.9M)
Start Line - RCYC

  • Squib
  • Late Summer Saturdays 1
  • 707
  • Phantom Trophy


3rd August 2014

Tide 1 - 05:40 (4.8M)
Tide 2 - 17:54 (4.8M)
Start Line - RCYC

  • Squib
  • Late Summer Sundays 1
  • 707
  • Phantom Trophy