RCYC Membership Subscriptions

10 Monthly
Age 29+ £390 £42.90
Age 28 £261 £28.71
  27 " "
Age 26 £170 £18.70
  25 " "
Age 24 £124 £13.69
  23 " "
  22 " "
Age 21 £81 "
  20 " "
  19 " "
Students (age less than 26) £77 "
Overseas £103 N/A
Winter Membership £152 N/A



Couples may elect to pay either separately or at the rate of 150% of the subscription of the higher of the two individual subscriptions.

A Special concession will be made, upon application, to widows or widowers over the age of sixty who were formerly benefiting from the joint membership 50% discount for the second member. In such circumstances, the widow, or widower, will continue to be a full member of the club upon payment of a subscription calculated at 50% of the full individual membership fee.

Direct Debit - a convenient way to pay your Annual Subscription

If you would prefer to pay your annual subscription by direct debit, you can download the form using the link on the right. Please note that there is a 10% surcharge for monthly direct debits, annual direct debits carry no surcharge.

Please also note that this arrangement is available for subscriptions only.
All other accounts must be settled directly with the office.

If a member chooses to settle their account using a credit card, be aware that there will be a flat surcharge of £4.00 for all transactions up to £200.00, and a 2.5% surcharge for all transactions over £200.00.

There will be no surcharge for payment by debit card.