Past Winners of the Endeavour Trophy

Despite the long trail of becoming a National Champion in order to get invited to compete, then winning the event itself, several competitors have achieved the honour more than once.

Phil Crebbin and Laurie Smith have each won the event twice, Richard Estaugh had two wins as helm and one as crew to Chips Howarth, whilst Jim Hunt has achieved the honour three times as helm.

By 2008 three competitors, Ian Southworth, Geoff Carveth and Nick Craig had held the trophy four times, whilst Mike Holmes had achieved the honour five times over a span of eighteen years from 1978 to 1995. The return of Carveth in 2009 added an extra element of suspense - would Carveth or Craig achieve five wins to equal the achievement of Holmes? In the event Carveth, on top form, ably crewed by Emma Clarke, was the clear winner, nine points ahead, to equal the five wins of Holmes.

Carveth did not qualify the 2010 event, so the path to the winner's rostrum seemed clear for Craig. However, a new duo on the champions' list, Merlin Rocket sailors Stuart Bithell and Christian Birrel meant that Craig had to be content with second and bide his time.

At the end of the first day of the 2011 Championship the Craig/Lewis partnership finished in second place by one point to newcomers RS200 Champions James Peters and Alan Roberts. However, a masterful performance by the OK representatives on the final day of racing ensured the tables were turned and Craig joined Holmes and Carveth as five times winner of the event.

The 2012 event saw Alan Roberts returning to crew for Ben Saxton, and he helped the RS200 Champion seal an emphatic victory in a light wind championship.

The Endeavour Championship 2013 hailed Nick Craig not only as the Champion of the Year but also undisputed Champion of the Event. Craig has held the Trophy as winner a total of six times, previously in 2011, 2008, 2006, 2005, and 2004, a remarkable record.

2016 B Saxton T Lewis Nacra 17
2015 B Saxton T Lewis Merlin Rocket
2014 M Burge T Lewis Osprey
2013 N Craig A Roberts Merlin Rocket
2012 B Saxton A Roberts RS200
2011 N Craig T Lewis OK
2010 S Bithell C Birrel Merlin Rocket
2009 G Carveth Emma Clarke RS200
2008 N Craig T Lewis B14
2007 S Tylecoat T Lewis Firefly
2006 N Craig J Stewart RS400
2005 N Craig J Stewart Finn
2004 N Craig K Bedborough OK
2003 R Gilbert J Stewart RS400
2002 G Carveth C Davies RS800
2001 J Hunt P Hobson Solo
2000 J Hunt P Hobson Solo
1999 G Carveth C Davies RS200
1998 R Estaugh S Potts GP 14
1997 J Hunt T Freer National Enterprise
1996 I Renilson S Roberson Contender
1995 M Holmes G O'Brien RS400
1994 C Howarth R Estaugh GP 14
1993 G Carveth P Rowley Solo
1992 G Carveth P Rowley Solo
1991 J Lee S Thompson International Cadet
1990 M Holmes D Froggitt National Albacore
1989 I Pinnell A Service National Enterprise
1988 I Southworth D Hayes GP 14
1987 N Marsden K Cribben National Enterprise
1986 A Gillard C Machin National Enterprise
1985 I Southworth R Drumgold International 420
1984 I Southworth D Hayes Lark
1983 I Southworth D Hayes GP 14
1982 M Holmes M Cochran National Albacore
1981 R Estaugh N Thompson GP 14
1980 M Holmes M McNamara GP 14
1979 L Smith P Barker International Fireball
1978 M Holmes D Froggatt National Albacore
1977 L Smith P Barker International Fireball
1976 E Owen S Stewart GP 14
1975 P Crebbin A Landamore International 470
1974 P Crebbin A Landamore National Albacore
1973 N Martin Caroline Lougher National Firefly
1972 P Milanes P Nash Flying Dutchman
1971 F Williams R Sheffer Merlin Rocket
1970 R Suggitt Mandy Watcham Heron
1969 M Rimmer R Suggitt National Enterprise
1968 R Hennessy R Michael National Enterprise
1967 W Bacon M McNamara National Enterprise
1966 B Ellis K Ellis Merlin Rocket
1965 M McNamara M Rimmer National Albacore
1964 R Pitcher R Amos Flying Dutchman
1963 D Newman R Martin National Firefly
1962 M Evans R Smith National 12
1961 P Bateman K Musto International Cadet