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Otter Week A – Z for Beginners

Otter Week is so much fun – but always better when you know what to expect.  This A – Z guide has been produced with the “first time” parent in mind to ensure both you and your child are able to make the most of the week and enjoy every minute.
Adult Bistro An adult RCYC Bistro menu will be available for those who wish to dine at the club on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Please ensure you book in with the bar before 4pm.
Balcony Jump Only ever allowed at high tide when all conditions and safety protocols have been met.  Balcony jumps are strictly supervised and are not permitted unless fully authorised by the Otter Chairman or Otter Week Safety Officer.
Balcony Photo The traditional Otter Week balcony photo will be taken at 6.15pm before the Prize Giving Dinner.
Beach Officer The Beach Officer heads up the Beach Team and is primarily responsible for the allocation of rib drivers to ribs on a daily basis and radio communications with the Safety Officer, Race Officer and Rib drivers regarding on water activities.
Beach Team Shore based team responsible for communicating with crews on the water and for ensuring all children are tallied on and off the water.
Boat Class It is essential that you advise the Otter Week Administrator of the boat class (and rig if applicable) that your child intends to sail.  Any changes must be notified as early as possible.
Buoyancy Aids Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when on the water or the pontoon. There are no exceptions.  Parents please note that all non-sailing siblings should also have a suitable buoyancy aid.
Briefing It is essential that both you and your child attend the relevant briefings each day.  Please see the Otter Week Programme for full details and timings.
Camping Otter Week entrants and their parents are welcome to camp at the RCYC campsite.  Electric hook up points are available, please contact the RCYC office for full details and prices.
Cinema Our Juniors will walk (fully supervised) to the Burnham Rio Cinema to watch the latest film.  Parent volunteers get to watch the film free of charge, although we can’t guarantee that it will be a relaxing experience with a bunch of kids!  We recommend that very small children are accompanied by an adult known to them.
Chairman, Justin Waples Responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the Corinthian Otters throughout the year, the Otter Chairman will be on hand throughout Otter Week to ensure the event runs smoothly.
Change of clothes Essential for all entrants, probably wise for parents just in case!
Commodore,     Colette Bacon Elected annually by the Senior Otters, the Otter Commodore leads the Otter Flag Officers and plays a key role in devising the Otter Week programme and running the event throughout the week.
Committee Boat Otter Week racing will be run from a Committee Boat which will have on board our dedicated Race Officer, the Results Officer and a team of Race Recorders.
Commodore’s Reception An informal gathering (with drinks!) for parents and children providing an opportunity to get to chat with both old friends and new.  The Dress Code is casual – many people will be wearing what they wore during the daytime whilst others will have managed to nip home to change into a clean shirt – but anything goes!
Commodore’s Rowing Challenge Particularly popular with those who are camping this takes place daily at 8am for both adults and children who wish to participate.  Adult assistance is required for this event – all volunteers are welcome!
Dietary Requirements Please ensure you advise the Otter Week Administrator in advance of any food allergies or dietary requirements that either you or your children may have.
Disc Golf On Tuesday afternoon our Seniors will make their way to the Parlour Café at Creeksea where they will be supplied with a picnic and play Disc Golf.
Dress Code – for children Sailing gear, casual for off water and evening events, Very Smart (including ties for boys) for the Prize Giving evening.
Dress Code – for parents Casual is generally the order of the day with the exception of the Prize Giving Evening which is Very Smart (gentlemen and boys are requested to wear ties and long trousers) and the President’s Pimms Party which is “Smart Casual”.  Some parents manage a quick change of clothes before the evening events start but no one will mind if you don’t.
Drinking Water All cold taps at the RCYC serve drinking water – please encourage your child to fill up their reusable bottle regularly.
Emergency Numbers We very much hope not to have an emergency, but will provide a list of telephone numbers for all rib drivers at the start of the week should they need to seek assistance whilst on the water and be unable to contact the Beach Team via Radio.
Entry Form You must fill in an Otter Week entry form in order to enter the event.  Please write clearly and return your form either by email to or by post to the Corinthian Otters at the RCYC.
Entry Requirements for Sailors Otter Week is open to all sailors aged between 7 and 18 who have the use of their own boat with the exception of the Otter Pond Group who will use our Club owned boats.  Age restrictions may be relaxed at the discretion of the Otter Week Administrator and will be reviewed on a case by case basis – please call to discuss your situation with us prior to sending in your entry form if you wish to enter a sailing child under the age of 7 years old.
Fancy Dress Guaranteed to surprise, delight and shockingly entertain you, the Otter Fancy Dress is simply like no other!  All Otter Week entrants are eligible to enter and we often find adults joining in with the fun too.  This year we are expecting a tidal wave of entries as the theme is “Save the Oceans” – we’ll leave it up to you, but some words of advice – if you want to win then you will need to think big, think better, think beyond, and probably even outside the box.  Naturally we know that not everyone wants to dress up so it is also more than acceptable to just turn up and watch!
First Aider Hopefully not needed, the majority of our Sailing Instructors have First Aid training and we will also have a designated First Aider on shore each day.
First Aid Box A large fully stocked first aid box is located on the left hand wall of the right hand Otter storage shed.  Please let the designated First Aider know if you require assistance or need to use any of the contents.
Flag Officers' Race Entrance will be entirely at the discretion of the Otter Commodore and Flag Officers – the 2017 race consisted of the sitting Otter Commodore and 5 previous Commodores, in 2016 it consisted of Trainers, this year ….well, who knows?  Anything goes – the only thing for certain is that it will be in a boat!
Footwear All children are required to wear appropriate footwear when on the pontoon.  We would also recommend that all children and adults wear footwear when in the dinghy park and around the RCYC site as we are unable to guarantee that there will not be any sharp objects on the ground.
Fun for All Bouncy Castles and the like will keep everyone entertained on the first night!
Gourmet Take Away Designed as a quickly served, yet delicious meal, directly after the Fancy Dress and before the scheduled Otter Games begin.  Included for all Otter Week entrants, adults can purchase tickets in advance via the entry form or from the Otter Registration desk.
Hog Roast Expertly cooked by our BBQ King, not just pork but with all the trimmings too – this is a meal not to miss.  Included for all Otter Week entrants, parents may purchase tickets via the entry form for the Hog Roast in advance, or from the Registration team on Sunday.  Numbers are limited so don’t delay! A Vegetarian option for the non-meat eaters is also available which should be ordered in advance.
Ice Cream Van After the Hog Roast – included for all Otter Week entrants and Hog Roast diners, tickets can be found in your Otter Week pack.
Izumi Night   An all you can eat Chinese buffet for the hungry!  Entry to Izumi is included for all Otter Week entrants. Parents may purchase tickets in advance via the entry form or, if available, from the Registration team before 12 noon on Monday.  Please note that children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one paying adult so if you do not intend to eat there yourself we would ask that you arrange for another participating parent to look after your child during the meal. Izumi Diners please note that drinks purchased outside the Izumi area may not be taken into the restaurant.
Juniors Juniors are classed as sailors and non-sailors aged 11 and below on 31st August.
Juniors Early night By the end of Day 4 and after the Long Distance Race our Juniors tend to be getting a little tired, so an early night is written into the timetable to enable them to go home and recharge their batteries – most are ready for it!
Keeway Afternoon for Juniors and their Parents After sailing in the morning our Juniors (both sailors and non-sailors) will be whisked off by RIBs down to Creeksea for an afternoon of fun and games in the pool and garden.   You will need to supply your Junior child with a picnic lunch to eat at Keeway.  Water and squash will be provided.   Children should also take a swimming costume and towel with them.   The event takes place in the grounds of a private house, Keeway, owned by Mr and Mrs Ketteley, who kindly let us use their premises.   Please note that all children MUST be supervised by an adult at this event so please do ensure you make arrangements with another parent if you are unable to attend with your child.   Some adults will be required to go up to Keeway with the children on RIB’s whilst most others are able to travel by car.  Full details can be found in your registration packs.
Kit Bag Bring all the kit – there’s no getting away from the fact that the great British weather can be changeable – so bring kit for both warm and cool days.  Make sure your child has a towel and a change of clothes in addition to their sailing kit.   Adults will also benefit from having a towel and change of clothes to hand just in case!
Late Entry Providing places are still available, late entry is permitted until 14th July subject to a late entrance fee.
Late Entry Fee All late entries are subject to an additional fee of £25 per sailing child and £10 per non-sailing child.
Long Distance Race A long-standing tradition of Otter Week, the Long Distance Race goes a long long way – or so we hope!  A packed lunch is provided for all on the water.  Depending on the weather the Pond Group generally stay closer to the clubhouse and lunch on the RCYC balcony.
Lost Property A lost property box will be located by the Registration desk throughout the week and then afterwards in the Otter Room.   Remember, if you name all your kit we will be able to return lost property to you.
Madison Heights, Postcode CM9 5JQ A family entertainment centre just outside Maldon where our Junior children will enjoy the soft play centre – Monkey Puzzle – for up to 90 minutes, whilst our Senior children will be Roller Skating.  Parents can take a moment or two to prop up the bar and relax….the postcode of the venue is CM9 5JQ
Meals A daily lunch and dinner is included for all entrants as part of the Otter Week fee with the exception of Tuesday when all Junior children will need to supply their own picnic lunch.  The majority of meals are eaten in the upstairs dining room so please note that your child must be DRY before going to eat – if wearing a wetsuit please ensure they take a towel with them to sit on.   Water and squash are provided with each meal.  Volunteers will be on hand to supervise the dining area although parents are more than welcome to assist their children if required.
Monkey Puzzle Soft play area for our Juniors at Madison Heights on Monday evening.  Please note that for safety purposes children must wear socks, long trousers and, preferably, long sleeved, light weight, tops.  Remember to bring along your child’s entry ticket to the event.
Name your kit At the end of every Otter Week we find numerous pieces of kit left behind so if you name it we can return it!  A lost property box will be located in the clubhouse by the Registration desk throughout the week and afterwards in the Otter Room.
Non-sailors Wherever possible we will try and get non-sailors on the water out in RIB’s or support craft to watch the sailing.  Please do bear in mind though that safety is our first priority and that it may not always be possible to get non-sailors out on the water.  Non-sailors will also be able to participate in the all of the non-sailing activities and will be allocated onto Senior boats to take part in the on water Treasure Hunt if they wish.
Notice of Race The Otter Week Notice of Race (NOR) will be published in advance on the Corinthian Otters website.
Notices We aim to set up an Otter Week What’s App group to enable us to send any urgent messages out.  We may also email you during the week with urgent notices so please do keep an eye on your email account.  Messages may also be posted on our Facebook site.
Otter AGM Open to all Senior Otters, the Annual General Meeting is held at the end of every Otter Week. During the meeting the Otters will elect their Flag Officers for the following season.
Otter Flag Officers Elected annually and consisting of Commodore, Vice Commodore, two Rear Commodores and Secretary this team of Senior Otters is responsible for helping to plan and run Otter Week.
Otter Games Night The Otter Flag Officers are in charge of preparing the games to entertain us all and it never ceases to amaze us what they come up with!  Old favourites such as musical chairs with a twist and the mummy game with toilet rolls will no doubt be returning.  Sound corny?  It is!  But oh you will laugh!
Otter Week Administrator, Kate Rands The Otter Week Administrator is responsible for all administration of Otter Week before, during and after the event.  On hand to answer all your queries, what she doesn’t know about Otter Week can probably be written on the back of a postage stamp.
Packed lunch On Sunday and Thursday we will be providing all entrants with a simple packed lunch to eat on the water.  The Pond Group generally tend to eat their packed lunch on the RCYC balcony on the first day of sailing while the main fleet launch.
Parental Responsibility Otter Week is not a summer camp and parents remain responsible for their children at all times.  If you are unable to remain on site for any reason please ensure that you advise the Otter Week Administrator of the name of another available adult who has agreed to be responsible for your child during your absence.
Photos We love taking pictures of the children having fun but if you do not want your child to appear in them please let our Otter Week Administrator know on your Otter Week entry form.
Pirates Will be appearing at the Otter Week Treasure Hunt and there will be prizes for the best dressed Pirate and boat!
Pirate Gear A small range of pirate wear will be available to purchase from the Otter Week Registration Desk along with water guns for added excitement during the Treasure Hunt!
Pond Group Programme The sailing schedule for our Pond Group will be slightly different to that published in the programme and will be advised by the Pond Trainer on a daily basis.  Parents are advised that the Pond Group will generally always launch after the main fleet has left the pontoon (this can sometimes take a while!) so the launch times for the group will be a little later than shown in the programme.  All social activities and meals remain as per the programme.
President, Judy Waples Judy Waples has been the President of the Corinthian Otters since 1983 and her energy and enthusiasm in supporting us is as strong now as it was when she first took on the role.  A great listener, Judy can be found in the clubhouse to offer words of encouragement and support throughout Otter Week.
President’s Pimms Party Dress Code: Smart Casual Hosted by the Otter President, this is an opportunity for parents to relax and have a glass of Pimms on the RCYC Balcony.  A slightly more formal affair than the Commodore’s Reception earlier in the week with most parents choosing to nip back home (or their campsite) to smarten themselves up after a day on the water.
Prize Giving Dinner    Dress Code: Smart Prize Giving Dinner and Disco: after such a great week there will be many trophies and prizes to give out and we like to do it in style so be sure to dress very smart!  Gentlemen and boys are requested to wear a tie and long trousers.  Otter ties may be purchased throughout the week from the Otter Registration desk.    Included for all entrants, adult tickets for the Prize Giving dinner should be purchased via the Otter Week entry form and are initially limited to two per family.  Extra tickets, if available, can be purchased from the Registration desk.
Prize Giving Disco Held directly after Prize Giving this is a chance for both Otters and parents to let their hair down and dance the rest of the night away.
Programme A paper programme will be provided in your entry pack and a mobile phone friendly daily programme is also available online on the Otter Website.  Please do make sure you read the programme in advance to make sure you know the timings of all events.  Be aware that the programme can change – wherever possible we try and stick to the programme timings but do bear in mind that changes may occur due to weather conditions.
Questions If you have any questions that we haven’t yet answered please don’t hesitate to ask our Otter Week Administrator, the Otter Chairman or any one of our Flag Officers.
Race Officer, Charlie Pitcher A dedicated Race Officer will be in charge of setting up the Otter Week racing on the water.
Radios Essential for communications, the Otters own 10 VHF radios for use by our Rib Drivers and Beach Team.  All rib drivers on our Otter Spotters will be issued with a radio, private rib drivers should ideally bring their own radio.
Raft Building A great team building exercise for the kids and a real spectacle for the adults to see whether any of the rafts built are actually fit for purpose!
RCOOD Races Racing with a difference using our Royal Corintian Otter One Design miniature boats.  Bring a few £1’s to places your bets!
Rear Commodores, Izzie Corbett and Sophie Dawson The two Otter Rear Commodores assist the Otter Commodore and Vice Commodore.
Registration The Otter Week Registration desk will be open on Saturday afternoon from 2pm until 4pm and on Sunday morning from 9am until 10am.  It is essential that you register your arrival and pick up your registration pack which will contain a copy of the full Otter Week programme, child wristbands, meal tickets, boat trolley labels and goodies for all entrants.
Results Daily results from the racing will be posted on the Otter Week Notice Board.  Any queries should initially be directed to the Race Officer.
Results Officer, Gaynor Drew Our dedicated Results Officer is in charge of the publication of all the sailing results.
Rib Drivers For safety purposes all our Rib drivers must be qualified to PB2 Level or above and will be asked to sign a declaration to that effect at the start of the week.
RIBS Rigid Inflatable Boats, the Otters have 8 of them.  During Otter Week we a number of parents also bring their own private ribs to assist with safety.  It is a mandatory requirement that all private RIBS are correctly insured and sea worthy.
Roller Skating Seniors will roller skate at Madison Heights on Monday evening.  Please remember to take your tickets to this event.
Safety Safety has to be a top priority.  A full safety briefing is held each morning for Rib Drivers, Beach and the Safety Officer.
Safety Officer, John Newcombe A dedicated Safety Officer who will ensure we run things as safely as possible throughout Otter Week.
Sail Numbers Remember to tell the Otter Week Administrator if your boat class or sail number changes before or during Otter Week.  Entrants are asked to note the information given on the Otter Week Notice of Race regarding the eligibility of their racing results should sail numbers or boat classes change during the week.
Sailing Instructions The Otter Week Sailing Instructions will be published in advance on the Corinthian Otters website.
Save the Oceans The theme of Otter Week 2018.   Help us by reducing your plastic use throughout the week and by recycling items wherever possible.
Second hand clothing sale A chance to sell on or pick up used good quality kit.  The second hand clothing rail will be operational from Early Registration through to the second day of Otter Week.  If you would like us to sell any of your items for you please ensure they are clean and labelled up with your name, phone number and amount you wish to sell them for and we will do the rest for a commission fee of 20% per item.
Secretary, Scott Ellis The Otter Secretary is a Senior Otter who provides administrative support to the Otter Flag Officers throughout the year.
Seniors Seniors are classed as children aged 12 and above on 31st August.
Seniors’ Chill Night By Day 4 energy levels can be running a little low, but no self respecting teenager wants to go home early so our Seniors Chill Night will give them all a chance to recharge the batteries while relaxing with Otter friends.  The Otter Flag Officers will perhaps organise a film and some quiet (or not so quiet!) games as appropriate.
Sun Cream Essential.
Swimming off the pontoon Swimming off the pontoon is not permitted unless authorised by the Safety Officer or Otter Chairman.
Swimming Test Run by our Vice President, the Otter Swimming Test is designed for all our younger sailors to demonstrate both their ability and knowledge of staying safe on the water.
Tallying All children must tally with the Beach Team when going on and off the water.  For safety purposes we will also tally the children for events such as the Cinema and Keeway.
Teams There are several team games to compete in throughout Otter Week so we allocate all sailors and non-sailors into Teams led by the Otter Flag Officers.  Teams will be announced at the start of the week.
Thanks To everyone who helps – we couldn’t do it without you!
Theme The Otter Week “theme” is chosen by the Flag Officers and provides the basis of our Fancy Dress Evening, posters and advertising.  This year the theme is “Save the Oceans”.
Ties Always worn with pride, Otter ties will be on sale at Registration and throughout the week.
Tickets for events It is essential that you remember your tickets for external events (Izumi, Roller Skating, Monkey Puzzle) as without them you will not be granted access.   Adult tickets should ideally be purchased in advance via the Otter Week entry form.  Tickets for the Prize Giving evening are initially limited to 2 per family.  Any spare adult tickets will be available to purchase during the week.
Towel Essential.
Treasure Hunt An on the water Treasure Hunt where pirates charge about in all manner of dinghies!  Non-sailors, the Pond group and Optimist sailors will be allocated onto a Senior boat to hunt for the treasure!  And of course – dressing up as a pirate (although not mandatory) is always great fun and prizes will be awarded for both the best-dressed pirate and boat!  Otter Pirates also often tend to have water guns – so be sure to bring them along too (we will also have some water guns for sale).
Treat when tallying off Generally consisting of a doughnut or other quick grab and go snack this is provided on certain days in order to keep the energy levels going until dinner is served.
T-Shirt Orders All entrants who apply before 22nd June will receive a free Otter Week t-shirt.  Please ensure you fill in the correct sizing requirements on the Otter Week entry form.  If you are in doubt about what size to get please speak to our Otter Week Administrator who will assist you.
Umbrellas and raincoats We hope not to need them but bring them in case!
Vegetarian Meals Vegetarian meals are available on request, please advise the Otter Week Administrator of your requirements in advance.
Vice Commodore, Tom Rands The Otter Vice Commodore assists and supports the Otter Commodore in organising social events throughout the week.
Vice President, Rachel Threlfall Hugely enthusiastic for all things Otter, Rachel Threlfall, has been our Vice President for many years and takes a keen interest in the swimming capabilities of all our Otters.
Volunteer Please Volunteer – Otter Week is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on parent helpers to ensure it runs smoothly.  Each family is expected to volunteer to assist in some way and a sign up sheet for volunteer duties is located on the Otter Week noticeboard.
Water Games Best to bring a towel.   Lots of parental involvement is required for the Water Games so please do come forward to help out.
Yacht Rides for Juniors & Parents A chance for all our Juniors and parents to get out on the water on the final day of Otter Week.
Zzzzzz Definitely needed every night to keep up with the pace!